Lions Club Pathankot , welcomes you all.This is our pleasure to introduce this branch associated with Lions Club International located in the beautiful city of Pathankot where a diversity of people are present as it is being poured by adjoining areas of Jammu and Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh and of course Punjab in which we are located.To give you all a birds eye view of the club which has almost nearing 161 members and has been considered as a 5*****active club of District 321D .This club has a speciality of having members from diverse backgrounds and proffessions ranging from super class businessman like contractors,jwellers,teachers,health proffessionals and a never ending list.The way this club works is looking sailing on a smooth sea but underneath lots of labour and hardwork is being put.The club presidents are elected and in a righteous manner they perform there duties flawlessly with the team support as a major contribution.While undertaking projects it is always taken into consideration that someone with a goodposition in city like either from civil services or from municipal coorporation is involved.This extended support always makes a difference in the projects.As we have told that it contains a huge class of intellectual persons so there never say no support is utilized in all the service projects.In a regular manner the club members donate blood voluntarily and a mass scale of eye,dental n medical checkup camps are performed,others being free acupressure camp,donation in schools,adoption of a school,antipolythene drive,seminars on female foeticide,aids awareness,organ donation,traffic rules teaching,free pollution checkup camps and a very pious project of tree plantation and many more that we can count on.So in short this is our club a magnificent,dynamic,dedicated to service and a club where all meet with eyes full of love,heart blossoming with love,hands showing gestures of love and a beautiful mind that thinks for the club to the club and devoted to club.



1     .1975-76            LION DR. L.K.MATHUR                     CHARTERED PRESIDENT
2      1976-77            LION DR. L.K.MATHUR
3.   1977-78            LION H.S.MAINI                                   CHARTERED MEMBER
4.   1978-79            LION K.B.SHARMA                              CHARTERED MEMBER
5.   1979-80            LION INDER DEV SHARMA                CHARTERED MEMBER
6.   1980-81            LION RAJ KUMAR MAHAJAN            CHARTERED MEMBER
7.   1981-82            LION DR. BALDEV VERMA
8.         1982-83            LION KANWARJIT SINGH SHUNTY               
9.          1983-84           LION DINESH MAHAJAN
10.        1984-85           LION I.M.PODDAR
11.        1985-86           LION BRIJ MAHAJAN
12.       1986-87           LION PARSHOTAM ARORA
13.       1987-88           LION NARESH AGGARWAL
14       1988-89          LION JAGJIT SINGH                                    CHARTERED MEMBER
15.      1989-90          LION VISHWAMITTER NIJAWAHAN
 16.     1990-91          LION B.D.MAHAJAN
 17.    1991-92          LION SURESH GUPTA
 18.     1992-93             LION YASH SETHI
19.      1993-94                LION DR. K.D.SINGH
20.      1994-95                              LION SATISH MAHINDRU
 21.     1995-96                       LION KEWAL KRISHAN GUPTA
 22.    1996 -97                 LION BALJIT SINGH
 23.     1997 - 98              LION C.S.LYALLPURI
 24.      1998 -99                 LION RAKESH AGGARWAL
25.       1999-2000           LION PREM GARG
 26.      2000 - 01         LION M.L.VERMA
 27.      2001 - 02     LION RAVINDER MAHAJAN
28.       2002 - 03       LION ANIL VIJ
 29.    2003 - 04        LION VIPIN NAYYAR
 30.    2004-05      LION SUBASH GUPTA
 31.     2005-06          LION NARESH ARORA
 32.      2006-07      LION SATNAM SINGH
33.      2007-08        LION ASHOK VERMA
34.     2008-09     LION PARVESH BHANDARI
 35.    2009-10    LION JANAK SINGH
36.   2010-11            LION COL. T.S.OBEROI

37.   2011-12       LION HARJEET SINGH

39.LION AJAY GUPTA-2013-14
40.LION N.S.WALIA-2014-15
41.LION G.S.SETHI,MJF-2015-16

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